The Bridal Opportunity – What does it mean?

What does being in the bridal business mean? For many, this means investing in the “right” engagement ring lines. But, how many are consciously taking the time and effort to develop this customer and why is this so important?

1. For many men, the engagement ring is their first “real” big purchase. It goes without saying, that the retailer should not only pay special attention to this (sometimes) young and (often) quite scared customer, but they should also go the extra step in developing him into a customer for life. Go beyond asking him the basics, like cut, clarity and carat. Ask him how he is thinking of proposing; encourage him to send you a photo from the big day; make him feel as special as he is trying to make his future wife. If the couple come in together, you can ask if they have any plans on when they would like to get married or where? Developing a relationship with this customer will go a long way.
2. After the sale of the engagement ring, stay connected to your customer. Ask and remind him to come back for their wedding rings. When he finally pops the question, send the newly engaged couples a congratulations card with a subtle reminder to come in when they are ready to start looking for the perfect wedding rings. Have you ever analyzed your wedding ring sales vs your engagement sales? Are you capturing all those weddings? You may be surprised to see when you look at the numbers, that you are only getting half of the engagement rings sales coming back in for BOTH wedding rings. It is a huge opportunity you may not even realize you are missing.
3. When they do come in, again, get to know them. Where are they honeymooning? When is the big day? Ask her if she wants her ring cleaned. Make them feel special. The selling does not stop there. Remember to ask them if perhaps they need any bridal party gifts. How about a gift that they give each other?

Where does this all lead? The goal is to get this couple to think of you as their family jeweler. The wedding is just the beginning for a young couple of many special occasions: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Push Gifts, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day to name a few. A couple will not only remember their wedding, but also all the people that made their special day extraordinary, be one of those people they remember and, better yet, recommend.



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